Cyclist Physiotherapy

At the “Functional Physiotherapy” clinic we are specialists in Biomechanics for riders. The relationship between horse riding and cycling is very similar and the technology to assess rider positions in both sports is exactly the same. The increased popularity of cycling means that many of us who have never ridden regularly before have now taken up a new sport. In order to prevent injury and increase performance it is essential that your bike is set up appropriately, whether you are riding for enjoyment, fitness or competition.

Many cyclists commonly report back, neck, wrist, hip and knee pain which can be due to incorrect set-up of their bikes. As well as checking your bike set-up, as Physiotherapists we can also help resolve any injuries or pains you have in order to make your cycling more enjoyable and comfortable. (see our rider page for more information on treatments)

For a bike set-up assesment we require you to bring your bike to the clinic and have a physical assessment ‘off the bike’ and ‘on the bike’. The off-bike assessment will include a postural analysis, range of movement examination and strength & balance assessment. This will give an insight into the possible issues you may have whilst riding. The on-bike assessment will make use of a turbo trainer. We will use small reflective markers to highlight various parts of the body whilst using a slow motion camera to record you in action. Video footage will be taken from the front, back and side views in order to take over 12 different measurements which will be used to advise on any changes to your set-up. Any changes that can be made in the clinic will be done and then re assessed. Any significant changes, where different parts may be needed, can be done in your own time and then re assessed at a later date.